Strawberry Kiwi Natural Tea

Kalola Botanicals

Relax into a cup of fruit infused bliss.

How to Use --

Place 1-2 grams (approximately 1 tsp.) of loose leaf tea, per one cup of water, in a tea strainer/filter, or in a teapot. Pour boiling water over loose leaf tea and steep for 5 minutes, or longer, depending on desired flavour intensity. Strain after brewing.

Ingredients -- Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple, Rosehip, and Hibiscus.

Key features & benefits --

Composed entirely of dried strawberries, kiwi, apple, rosehip and hibiscus, this blend makes a beautiful ruby red cup with blissful aroma. Also delicious when served over ice. This is the perfect natural drink for children because it contains no tea leaves or caffeine and makes great frozen fruit pops.

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