Invigorating Olive Scrub

Kalola Botanicals

Invigorating Scrub
An exfoliating cleanser that deeply hydrates to encourage smoother, healthier skin.

Since ancient times, olive oil has been known for purity and health. More recently, science has shown that the therapeutic effects are real.

Kalola Botanicals OLIVE has been carefully developed after years of research, working with Canada’s leading skin care experts. Deeply nourishing for all skin types yet gentle for sensitive skin, these products leave no greasy residue. We do not use parabens, mineral oils, lanolin or artificial colours in any of our products. Kalola OLIVE products are created from certified organic and all natural ingredients for maximum benefit, with an impressive 47% natural oil content.

Olive oil complex - known to energize, nourish and firm your skin, balancing moisture and leaving skin smooth, soft and luminous.
Hemp seed and coconut - easily absorbed by the skin, with powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, these oils are rich in proteins that contribute to the health of skin cells.
Beeswax and borax form a creamy emulsion base that is absorbed readily into the skin and leaves no greasy residue.
Grape seed and comfrey extracts strengthen collagen and retain elasticity, combining to effectively nourish, hydrate and regenerate dry skin.

Collections: Bath & Body, Body Scrub, Olive

Type: Scrub

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