Body Bar Soap


Try our long-lasting luxurious custom blended soaps.  We use botanical extracts, essential oils and natural Hemp Oil which is rich in Essential Fatty Acids known to provide good moisture balance to the skin. This mild soap gently refreshes and revives the look of the skin. 

Glycerin, a natural emollient, is included to draw moisture from the air to benefit the skin. It cleanses without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy-looking skin. And, since we don't use animal oils, our soap rinses clean and leaves no soapy film behind. All our soap bases are produced with high-quality raw materials to form a luxurious lather and sparkling clarity.

Glycerine is a naturally occurring byproduct of the soap making process.  It is not an ingredient that is added, but forms during the saponification process.  Glycerine moisturizes and soothes the skin, maintains the natural moisture level in the soap contributing to a longer lasting bar.

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